Of all the fresh Apulian-produced cheeses, ricotta and giuncata cheese definitely have a more important place. They are loved for their millennial-long tradition, for their characteristic flavour and also for the precious worth of their nutritional values.

Murgella ricotta fresca gentile is produced with traditional processing methods in order to maintain the naturalness and the goodness of its delicate, almost sweet flavour. Its cone shape is due to the conical baskets which are the typical containers it is put into at the end of the production cycle. The specific organoleptic characteristics put it in the low-fat category, with high protein quality and an important role in low-fat diets.

Giuncata cheese has a long tradition. It is a soft, fresh cheese made of cow’s milk and it gets its name and shape from the mould made of rush leaves (giunco) it was put into in ancient times to solidify the cheese. Today, for sanitary reasons, the natural rush mould can no longer be used, therefore the basket is now made out of plastic material for food use.