Fresh ricotta

Our fresh ricotta cheese is made in the traditional way to completely preserve the naturalness and quality of the flavours. Its shape is given by the “fuscella”, the typical container in which it is placed at the end of the processing cycle. The delicate taste tends to be sweet, boosted by a creamy consistency which gratifies even the most refined palates. Murgella fresh ricotta cheese is our female consumers’ choice for the preparation of typical savoury and sweet dishes.

Deli Counter

Code Product Net weight Packaging Pieces/PS container
0431 Ricottina fuscella 300 g (about) PP + PS container 6 pcs
0432 Ricotta fuscella 1.7 Kg (about) PP + PS container 3 pcs
0434 Cow's and sheep's milk ricotta 400 g (about) PP + PS container 4 pcs

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