Matured cheeses are a noble inheritance of the local tradition.

Caciocavallo Silano PDO is a cheese with very ancient origins. In Italian “cacio” means cheese and “cavallo” both “across” and “horse”, and there are various hypothesis on the origin of the name: some refer it to the custom, still alive, to tie cheeses in pairs and hang them to mature across a beam.

After the prized European PDO certification, it is produced exclusively with whole raw milk from dairy farms in the territory using a finely-defined processing procedure. It has a delicate taste and a high nutritional content that gives it an important place in the Mediterranean diet. As guarantee of its authenticity, genuineness and nutritional value, it is branded by fire with the typical pine tree of the Protection Consortium.

Pecorino Gran Murgiano takes its name from the Murgia territory in the Bari province where it is traditionally produced, using local sheep’s milk. It is a hard cheese with a minimum maturation period of 3 months in order to give it the typical flavour of pecorino cheese, flavourful yet delicate at the same time. It can be can be served as dessert with fresh figs, jam or honey, or can be used grated to garnish your main courses.