Mozzarella is a fresh pasta filata cheese with a long tradition and a typical food of the Mediterranean basin. The shiny shape, the pleasantly fibrous, yet soft consistency, the fragrance of milk and the delicate taste all make it one of the most cherished and most versatile products.

Among the different shapes that we are proposing is the nodino di mozzarella. It is a variant in which our master cheese makers knot the pasta filata by hand, just as they do for the traditional form of the braid. Murgella treccia di mozzarella won a GOLD Medal at the 25th Edition of the World Cheese Awards, the only GOLD awarded in the category of Mozzarella, fresh, cows’ milk (large or small) and in 1995, Caseificio Palazzo entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the production of the largest braid of mozzarella in the world. The mozzarella fior di latte, in the ‘bocconi’ (balls) and ‘ciliegine’ (cherries) varieties, is also a characteristically traditional product and is an integral part of the Apulian dairy patrimony.