Mozzarella for pizza

An essential element for creating a top-quality pizza, our mozzarella per pizzeria is produced following every necessary step in order to have the perfect outcome in the oven. Thanks to an accurate selection of raw materials (just milk), our mozzarella has the necessary characteristics for enhancing pizza which is by far the most important symbol of the Italian culinary culture. The qualitative attributes of the mozzarella have made it an irreplaceable ingredient in some of the best pizzerias in the world. Available in various shapes and sizes, it is a practical product and at the same time, of utmost quality.

Deli Counter

Code Product Net weight Packaging Weight/PS container
0141 Mozzarella per pizzeria 200 g (about) PP + PS container 4 Kg (about)
0142 Mozzarella Julienne 2.5 Kg (about) PP + PS container 2.5 Kg (about)
0143 Mozzarella Cubettata 2.5 Kg (about) PP + PS container 2.5 Kg (about)
0144 Filone per pizzeria 1 Kg (about) PP + PS container 3 Kg (about)