The new organic line testifies to our company’s constant efforts in guaranteeing that our products are of the best quality both in the selection of the raw materials as well as in the work processes and also attests to a growing demand by consumers, with a strictly controlled and certified supply chain.

The organic version of the burrata cheese is one of the most popular novelties. Its rich flavour and fresh consistency is the result of careful hand-processing and, together with the high level of organic proteins, mineral salts and vitamins, a great and flavourful cheese is the outcome. The treccia is one of the most typical and most loved shapes of mozzarella cheese, undisputed queen of the Italian table. With a whitish-straw colour and a sweet taste, it is hand-processed and made by using organic milk from Italy, in order to produce a fresh cheese with a pronounced savoury flavour. It is a grand, classic cheese, ideal even for the contemporary palate.

The spizzico di scamorza affumicata are delicious morsels with a characteristic taste. Suitable for any occasion, they are perfect for stimulating your imagination in preparing delicious appetizers, rich starters and classic dishes, such as those in which they are grilled together with in-season vegetables.