The processing of the milk, collected from local farms, and the formation of curds through the whey starter culture makes it possible to obtain a true, typically Apulian product, rich in nutritional ingredients and with its own particular characteristics of fragrance, softness, flavour and lightness. Murgella offers a wide range of products that covers the entire line of pasta filata cheeses and more: from mozzarella to scamorza, from burrata to stracciatella, from caciocavallo silano PDO to cacioricotta.

All of these cheeses are available at both the deli counter as well as in pre-packed containers. We use only the most fresh and accurately selected raw materials using handmade processes and maintaining the highest quality standards in order to guarantee that our cheese is the authentic expression of the land it comes from. Truly excellent Apulian products that bring the best of our region to your table, conveying the culture of a territory and the story of a family.