Scamorza is a pasta filata cheese whose name comes from the verb “scamozzare” which in Italian means to take a part off. It is widespread all over southern Italy and it even goes back to ancient times. It is characterised by an external thin, white or pale yellow skin while the inside is compact and elastic, with a light colour.

Our master cheese makers tear the pasta filata with their hands, then shape it and give it its classic pear-shape. Once it has its shape, two forms of the cheese are tied together. It has a sweet and delicate taste. Smoked scamorza cheese then goes through a brief natural smoking process, by exposing it to the smoke of certified wood shavings. This method gives the product its amber colour and an excellent aromatic intensity.

You will find various forms of scamorza cheese in our catalogue, from small and versatile morsels called spizzico, both plain and smoked, to the treccia di scamorza affumicata (smoked scamorza braided by hand) and from the practical piattella (smoked scamorza flattened by hand) to the typical caciopalazzo. The most original varieties surely will include the maialino (piglet), ideal for our youngest customers, the ciambella (donut circle) and the filone.